By Rachel DeWoskin

On Sale June 4, 2019

ISBN 9781948340106 (Hardcover)
ISBN 9781948340113 (Paperback)

A former pleaser, newly enraged poet/professor Samantha Baxter burns her polite life to the ground.

By turns heart-wrenching, uncomfortable, and hilarious, Banshee explores the internal monologue and actions of a woman who, upon being diagnosed with cancer, tumbles head-first into a midlife crisis and decides to be unapologetic about it. Banshee is a critical addition to the feminist canon, giving the reader a dramatized glimpse into what happens when women step outside of society’s rules and expectations as wives, mothers, and working professionals—and instead choose to behave the way men do on a day-to-day basis.

Banshee is an excellent read for:

  • Feminist readers and book clubs

  • Fans of dark comedy and finding humor amidst grief

  • People who have received a life-threatening diagnosis

  • Fans of Rachel DeWoskin’s Big Girl Small and Michelle Tea’s mordant sense of humor

  • Furious middle-aged women

  • Poets and especially poetry professors

About the Author


Rachel DeWoskin is the author of six books: BlindBig Girl SmallForeign Babes in BeijingRepeat After MeSomeday We Will Fly, and Banshee, which is forthcoming from Dottir Press in June 2019. Her essays and articles have appeared in The New YorkerVanity FairThe Sunday Times Magazine of London, Teachers and Writers, and numerous anthologies. She spent her twenties in China as the unlikely star of a nighttime soap opera, which became the basis for her memoir. DeWoskin is on the core fiction faculty at the University of Chicago, and is an affiliated faculty member of the Centers for East Asian Studies and Jewish Studies.

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