Dottir Press takes a feminist approach to publishing and artistic production, working to fill the absences in both our history and present culture through storytelling in all forms and for all ages.

Dottir Press

  • Actively transmits feminist intellectual production

  • Believes stories are rooted in subjectivity

  • Ushers forth narratives that are suppressed in widely distributed channels

  • Nurtures the voices we most need to hear

  • Fosters conversation and collaboration between our artists

  • Sets children’s literature in reality

  • Creates novel ways of getting stories to their rightful audiences

  • Proposes a functional business model for radical work

Dottir Press founder Jennifer Baumgardner is a journalist and author of six books about contemporary feminism (including Manifesta and Look Both Ways). She created the documentaries It Was Rape and I Had an Abortion, and was a producer of the plays SLUT and Now That We’re Men. As a lecturer, she has spoken at more than 300 colleges and universities across the country and she is the co-founder (with Amy Richards) of the speaker’s bureau Soapbox Inc., which produces Feminist Camp. From 2013 to 2017, Baumgardner was the executive director of the Feminist Press, where she discovered she liked the business side of books as much as she like the writing side.

Dottir Press was founded in 2017 and launched with the fall 2018 season. The name denotes a female descendant and speaks to Dottir’s mission of passing on and building upon feminist intellectual and creative legacies.