Wakeful Night:
A Structured Reflection
on Loss and Illumination

By Nicole Skibola

On Sale September 25, 2018

ISBN 9781948340014

Nicole Skibola received a diagnosis for a rare endometrial cancer at 32. It marked the beginning of a race—to understand, to save eggs, to mourn the loss of her reproductive organs, to be angry, to be ok. 

After months of feigning normalcy, Nicole allowed herself to draw and write and rage about the trauma of cancer. She developed Wakeful Night  to concretize the art process that saved her and support others with cancer to face their personal wreck and explore the person they are in the wake of loss. 

Photo: Drew Stevens

Photo: Drew Stevens

Nicole Skibola is a Brooklyn-based writer, artist, and co-founder of Cosmic View, a line of holistic cannabis products with her mother, a former cancer research scientist.

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