Now That We're Men:
A Play and True Life Accounts
of Boys, Sex, & Power

Edited by Katie Cappiello

On Sale January, 2020

ISBN 9781948340182

Compassionate and insightful, this play and guidebook razes rape culture, interrogates masculinity, and breeds accountability without sacrificing boys.

Katie Cappiello, the author of SLUT: The Play, turns her perceptive eyes and ears to the lived experiences of young men as they try on sexuality and masculinity. Using theatre as a place for truth-telling and empathy, the book features essays by teens of all genders exploring porn, power, consent, manning up, and getting laid—in other words, the fraught arena of growing up.

About the author

Katie Cappiello (photo by Lynn Savarese)

Katie Cappiello (photo by Lynn Savarese)

Katie Cappiello is an award-winning theater creator, acting teacher, and writer. She has written, directed and produced six plays: Keep Your Eyes Open, Facebook Me, SLUT, A Day in the Life, Now That We’re Men and Her Story, Uncut. Her first book was SLUT: A Play and Guidebook for Combatting Sexism and Sexual Violence (Feminist Press). She has been commissioned by national and global organizations such as The United Nations and Planned Parenthood, and has been honored by the National Women’s Hall of Fame. 

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